Modeling Chain Link Fence

One of my favorite ways to close in a scene but still leave details visible is chain link fence. My technique for modeling chain link is easy and inexpensive.

Here are a few examples of chain link fence on my models.

First I drew out a basic drawing for how I want to fence. These are spaced 6 ft apart and are 5 space ft high. You can make it shorter or taller whichever suits your scene.
After I finished drawing the template I made a copy of it and covered it with clear double sided tape.
I used this brass rod for the support structure.
Cut all the brass wire pieces to the correct lengths and put them in Jax Brass Black.
The wire is made from a material called Tulle. If you are modeling HO scale you have to purchase it by the yard. The hole spacing in every roll I’ve ever found is too big for HO. I bought this at JoAnn Fabric part# is 717371410313. It costs about $1.50 a yard.
Cut it to roughly the correct size, taped it to a piece of paper and spray painted it dark gray.
Secure all the brass wire to the template using the double sided tape.
Secure the tulle using super glue. I left it oversized a bit. It’s easier to cut off the excess rather than try to cut the tulle the correct size prior to gluing.
Use a fresh razor to cut off the excess.
All trimmed up.
Both fence sections are complete. Make sure to be careful removing the fence from the tape.
This is the fence installed on my layout.